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The list below offers information on costs and charges that we may need to apply before, during or at the end of your tenancy.

General administration fee for tenants: £240.00 (inc VAT)

The fixed general administration fee can cover a variety of works depending on individual circumstances such as references and right-to-rent checks for all applicants, negotiation of the terms of the tenancy agreement as well as preparation and finalisation of the tenancy agreement.

To sign new tenant out or into a contract: £120.00/per tenant (inc VAT)

To sign out and or sign another person into a joint contract during the fixed term of the tenancy costs £120.00/per tenant (inc VAT)

Inventory and check-out; standard fee: £96.00 (inc VAT)

Please note the following list, as some individual circumstances may affect the overall charge:
Check-in fees and inventory are paid by the landlord.
Check-out is charged to the tenant. Standard fee: £96.00 (inc VAT)
Inventory check will be charged according to the charges of the inventory company if carried out by out-of-house inventory clerks.
The costs are in accordance with the size of the property and depend on the costs of the inventory clerks used.

Additional checks and rectification of damage:
Any additional time that we need to spent on rectifying unresolved issues in connection with the end of the tenancy such as but not limited to cleaning, repair visits, damage rectification and removal of items is charged either per visit or on a pro rata time basis.

Cost per additional visit: £36.00 (inc VAT)
Cost per hour: £60.00/hour (inc VAT)

Late payement charges: £60.00 (inc VAT)

All payments are expected to reach us in a timely fashion. We expect tenants to inform and discuss any delay with us before it happens. If a payment hasn’t reached our accounts we will get in touch with our tenants as they may be simple technical issues that can be easily resolved. Howerver, should for example rent be paid late regularly we will reserve the right to charge this fee in the following manor:

The late payment fee is due for each and every single correspondance with reference to late payment of rent, with reference to each canceled standing order arrangement or canceled cheque.

Interests on sums not paid: 4% above Bank of England base rate

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