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Letting and managing your properties can be very time consuming and keeping on top of ever changing regulations and requirements in the private rented sector can be a challenge. We are here for you to take a large part of this burden away from your shoulders. Most of our clients come to us through word of mouth recommendations as they are looking for a personal property service delivered through people who know your property and it’s history. With a large proportion of our clients living overseas we understand how important it is to provide clear and honest commnication as well as commitment and professional expertise.

Property management

KLEIN offers a personal property management service, with a strong emphasis on looking after the day to day needs of your property. We carry out regular checks of your properties, manage short, medium and long term maintenance issues in the interest of the owners and the tenants in a sensible manor. Once a problem has been identified during our visits or a tenant has reported to us we try to be there personally to investigate and resolve them at the earliest possible opportunity and we often manage to visit on the same day.


KLEIN has the following standard charges: Letting & Management: 15% inc VAT (12.5% + VAT). The charge applies throughout the entire term of the tenancy. Letting only: 12% inc VAT (10% + VAT). The charge applies for the term of the first agreed tenancy. Renewals may vary depending on our level of involvement. Management only: 6% inc VAT (5% + VAT). The charge applies throughout the entire term of the tenancy. Non Resident Landlord Scheme administration: 1.2% in VAT (1% + VAT). The charge applies throughout the entire term of the tenancy.

Why onthemarket.com

At an early stage of the now growing portal onthemarket we heard about the discussion going around between agents that a new agent-lead and owned property portal is needed. The duopoly of Rightmove and Zoopla has created two portals who increase listing rates annually with ever increasing profit margins for the portals (over 80%). During the process the two big players forgot that they don’t have a business at all without the agents who provide them with the content. They even started selling back the information that we provided them. Small agents like KLEIN are charged nearly the same and often more than large muliti-office agencies. Of cause, why change something that seems to be working well? Is this in the interest of both the Landlords and Tenants? The agents who have joint onthemarket believe that a non for profit portal owned by the agents themselves would release funds towards other forms of marketing which in reverse will benefit our clients. Users of big property portals will also notice that a web portal with less information “noice” and clarity is easier to use. Last but not least the portal will be the place where the majority of all properties are listed as members have committed themselves for two years only to advertise on one other big portal. Many areas in the UK have more than 50% of properties listed onthemarket so as time passes consumers will loose out if they don’t look at this new portal too.